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Gregg Marshall a candidate?

A source in South Carolina last week said Marshall would likely listen to an offer from Utah, but with strong ties to the area he is more likely to stay in the South.

This was from today's Deseret News and a quote I find interesting. Gregg Marshall of course is one of the hottest coaching candidates in America after building Winthrop into a decent mid-major power and guiding them to a first round victory over Notre Dame in yesterday's NCAA Tournament action.

So is he a realistic shot? Hard to say, since he's a southern guy, but there is no doubt Utah can offer him far more money and far more prestige than Winthrop ever could.

What Utah has going for it, and this works with every other candidate as well, is that there aren't many major programs looking for coaches this year. The top programs currently without a coach are Utah, Minnesota, Colorado and New Mexico, all programs I think are below Utah in terms of history and tradition. Of course I'm sure more jobs will open, most likely Michigan, but even then I think Utah offers far more upside than the Wolverines job offers.

Essentially Utah will have a far easier time finding a competent head coach this time around than they did four years ago when they settled for Ray Giacoletti. Currently the only candidate to turn down an offer was Larry Krystkowiak and he turned that offer down for a head coaching position in the NBA. Not a surprise and the fact Utah pushed Milwaukee into hiring Krystkowiak speaks volumes for the program.

It'll be interesting to see what transpires over the weeks, but I would love it if Utah could land Gregg Marshall.