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Chris Hill on Ray Giacoletti

Chris Hill just finished up a quick interview with Hot Ticket 700 where he was asked about Ray Giacoletti's resignation. Hill told Hot Ticket that Giacoletti felt it was in the best interest of the program to resign and move forward. The move "stunned" Hill, who hadn't "planned" on looking for a new coach in the near future (yeah right). He has accumulated a list of potential candidates throughout the season just in case of a situation like this. Though he did not go into specifics as to who is on that list.

Hill also discussed how his duties with the NCAA selection committee will not hinder his coaching search and expects to have a coach named within the next month. His next move will be to make sure the players and coaches are doing ok, then will begin the search for Utah's next coach.

Finally, Hill said Giacoletti's decision was tough, because he enjoyed him personally. But he will take full blame for the hire and accepts the responsibility.

Ray Giacoletti might be interviewed by Hot Ticket 700 later today. If this happens, I'll report on what he said.