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Bogut comments on Giac's resignation

Bogut showing his class in this Salt Lake Tribune article.

Reached in Toronto prior to the Milwaukee Bucks' game against the Raptors, Bogut expressed disappointment over Giacoletti's fate. "He's the reason I'm in the NBA," Bogut said.

It's not known if Bogut would have returned if Rick Majerus stayed with the Utes, but it's clear Giacoletti knew how to utilize and ride Bogut to victory. Too bad for him Bogut left for the NBA after leading the Utes to the Sweet 16 in Giacoletti's first season, or Utah very well could have done some damage in '06.

"It's just unfortunate, you know?" he said. "We went to the Sweet 16 in his first year. But then they had two disappointing seasons in a row. That's the way the college basketball industry works."

The sporting world has adopted the what have you done for me lately mentality and Giacoletti definitely fell victim to it. Not that it wasn't his undoing, because clearly he was in over his head. But in today's environment, Utah can't allow the team to struggle for three straight years under the same coach, it could cost way too much in the long run.

After his final season at Utah, Bogut donated $125,000 to the school for an endowed scholarship and to help renovate the basketball locker room. Despite his disappointment over Giacoletti's resignation, he does not regret his financial support. "It's not up to me to make that decision, no matter how much money I gave them," Bogut said. "They're trying to do what benefits the school most. . . . It's hard for me, sitting here in the NBA, to be critiquing what they should do."

Classy statement by Bogut. He realizes this is a business and when you under perform, you suffer the consequences. I don't doubt Giac's dedication to Utah basketball, but it takes far more than that to win at this level. I actually don't think Giacoletti is a bad coach, just one that couldn't handle the pressure of running a big time program. I wish him well, hope he finds a decent small level coaching job and rebuilds his resume.  

It took a lot of guts taking over Utah's basketball program after Majerus left and I'll credit Giacoletti for stepping up and doing just that. Now it's time to move on and I thank Giacoletti for the great 2005 season. Who knows what would have happened if another coach had taken over the reigns when Majerus resigned, but 2005 was a great year and one that I'll cherish forever. I just wish it could have carried over, because I really wanted him to succeed.