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Majerus interested in the Utah job?

If things couldn't get any more crazy in Utah's coaching search, 1280 The Zone joins in on the fun by reporting that Rick Majerus may want the Utah job if Chris Hill is ready to make nice and give it to him. Of course this is all speculation and probably has no validity what so ever, but it's always fun playing "what if" when discussing coaching options.

I don't doubt Majerus has interest in the Utah job, since he's interested in most every current opening this side of Tanzania, and hell, maybe even them too. The problem with all of this is that Chris Hill and Rick Majerus had a major falling out prior to Majerus leaving the Utes in early 2004. Could these problems be fixed, or is this all just a pipedream? Who knows, but it at least gives us something to talk about.

Thoughts, could Majerus succeed again at Utah? And would you want him back?