Random Thoughts on Coaching Changes

The recent coaching openings across the country are bad news for Utah.  Only a week ago the Utah job was the best available.  Now that Alford has jumped ship to New Mexico, a quality Big 10 job has opened up.  Furthermore, Tubby Smith moving from Kentucky to Minnesota will probably create major ripple affect across the country.  

Kentucky will most likely steal a quality coach from a top program.  This will leave another quality program to find a replacement, etc, etc.  This leaves possible candidates for the Utah job other and possibly more attractive options depending how thing shake out.

It was good to see that New Mexico hired Alford.  This is a big name but he was on his way out at Iowa.  Otherwise, why would a guy leave a Big 10 program to come to a Mountain West school?  I don't feel threatened at all by Alford.  He'll be a solid coach at New Mexico but he won't alter the landscape of the conference by any means.  It turns out that that Wyoming is hiring Heath Schroyer (ex-Byu assistant).  In my mind that is a step down from Steve McLain.

I am not overly excited about any of the names currently surrounding the Utah job.  I think there are some solid coaches that are interested; I just don't think there are any great ones.  I hope I'm wrong.  Chris Lowery from Southern Illinois would be a great choice.  I hope his name begins to surface now that his team was eliminated from the tournament.  Otherwise, I still like Tommy Connor.  Although, I know there is no way that Chris Hill will go that direction so I guess I won't say anything further about it.  

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