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Thoughts on Boylen part II

I think it's important to get the fans opinion on the coach. I've noticed the poll has jumped quite a bit since his announcement and it seems most fans are generally supportive of him. If anything, Boylen should bring passion and excitement back to the University of Utah, something that had been lacking since the late-90s.

Here at Block U it's important to get others opinions as well and so I thought I would share willlouty's thoughts on Boylen. He posted this in the diary section and I urge other fans to say what they think about the hire as well.

My thoughts on the Boylen Hire
By willlouty

I'm glad the coaching search is over.  I'm happy with the Boylen hire even though I have been campaigning for Tommy Connor since Chris Hill got Stotts fired from the Milwaukee Bucks in trying to lure Krskoviak to Utah.

I like the fact that Boylen stresses defense.  Defense keeps you in games when shots aren't falling.  Majerus was also a huge defensive coach and his teams won games at times when the Utes didn't shoot above 35%.  I think we saw the past few years what happens when defense does not seem to be the top priority.   I'm glad Chris Hill did not go after a coach that supposedly plays an exciting brand of basketball but can't stop cardboard cutouts from scoring.  Defensive teams show more consistency that offensive minded teams.  

I like that Boylen has years of NBA experience.  I understand that this is huge in recruiting.  Not that I think Utah will suddenly start attracting the Kevin Durants of college basketball but it certainly will help in bringing in top talent.

One thing that I think Utah has lacked the past 3 years is toughness.  They have played soft.  This will certainly change under Boylen if his team plays at all like Izzo's teams at Michigan State.  Michigan State is constantly one of the toughest teams in college basketball.  Utah will not be pushed around by anyone.  

Finally, Boylen is known for his work with big men.  This will only help Luke Nevill reach his potential.  

It will be interested to get a feel for Boylen's personality during the press conference.  It will be interesting to see what he has to say and what expectations he sets for the program right off the bat.