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MWC Continues to Make Mistakes

This was posted in the diary section of Block U. I thought it was very well done and decided to post it on the main page.

MWC Continues to Make Mistakes

By willlouty

The Mountain West Conference continues to make mistakes.  Its latest mistake in my view is not its latest television deal that has excluded many of its fans from having access to games (including me).  I think that will work itself out in due time.  At least I hope so.  I definitely do not want to go through another football season trying to figure out ways to see road games on television.

Nonetheless, I think a huge mistake that the MWC is making right now is not expanding to 10 teams.  There is a great football program in Boise St. that would jump at the chance to become part of the MWC.  The MWC made the mistake of not inviting Boise St. when it brought in TCU a couple of years ago.  If it had done so, it very well may have reaped the benefit of having another MWC school crash the BCS party and solidify its claim to a BCS automatic bid.  

There is no reason Boise St. should not be invited in the conference.  They would immediately join the powers at the top of the conference.  They have proved this numerous times in its pounding of Utah and Byu in recent years.  Right now the MWC conference has three legitimate football schools in the conference; Utah, Byu, and TCU.  That's it.  Let's face the fact that Wyoming, Colorado St., Air Force, San Diego St., New Mexico, and UNLV at this point are not capable of having sustained success from one season to the next.  They are holding the top 3 down.  Therefore, the only way to boost the conference is by adding another school that has earned national respect and would automatically boost the power of the conference.  

I realize that Boise St. does not have a legitimate basketball program at this point.  However, either does TCU.  Football is where it counts these days!  Everyone already has an equal chance to succeed in basketball.  It is football where you need to build your resume as a conference.  

Finally, Boise St. is passionate about football!  There fans are obnoxious, arrogant, and difficult to have a conversation with.  They believe Boise St. could be competitive in the SEC.  They are similar to Byu fans in that they overestimate their program's stature.  Nonetheless, they fill their stadium every week and they travel well.  I guarantee that if you took in a game at every MWC school this football season the only stadiums that would be close to full would be Utah, Byu and possibly TCU.  

I am shocked that the MWC has not jumped at the chance to add Boise St. to the conference.  I do not know what it is waiting for.  I do not care if Boise St. is not in a huge television market.  It has national recognition as a football program now.  That is more important that the market size.  At this point market size is irrelevant.  MWC games are not broadcast in their schools' own boundaries let alone nationwide.  MWC Presidents should invite Boise St. before it is too late.  There is no reason to wait.

Attached to this diary is a poll question, asking if Boise State should be invited to join the Mountain West Conference. Click here to vote