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Jim Boylen, legend in the making?

Sure, why not. I mean he's 0-0 as head coach at Utah and is saying all the right things. For all we know, he could turn out to be an even better coach than Rick Majerus. Of course, he also might be worse than Ray Giacoletti, but at this stage I feel confident in the hire and his ability to lead Utah. When he talks, I get the sense he's not just blowing smoke up the fans asses and actually believes in what he says. This is important, because I think there is a difference between hyping a team and really believing a team can succeed.

When Urban Meyer came to Utah, it was clear he saw potential. He discussed lofty goals and set the bar high and fans believed him. And as it turned out, he was right on with his predictions and Utah won. Now Jim Boylen seems to have taken a page out of Meyer's book in trying to sell the potential of Utah basketball. He came in, blew everyone away and it appears not many people doubt his ability to coach. Even some of Utah's staunches critics, namely BYU fans, are beginning to realize Boylen may be the real deal.

Yeah this will be Boylen's first gig as a head coach, but I honestly believe he understand the game well enough to make the adjustment rather easily. And while I think there will be some on the job training, he should have enough experience and talent coming back to soften the blow of being tossed into this position. I honestly feel if Boylen didn't have the confidence he could win, he would not have taken the job. He very well could have held out another season and probably been offered a job from a Power Conference team, or hell, even maybe the Texas A&M job now that it looks like Billie Gillespie is on his way to Kentucky. I think Boylen has what it takes to win and win big at Utah, and this is why I wanted him as our coach even before he became the number one guy.

So does Boylen have the makings of a legend? Hard to say, but I think there is a foundation for such a coach. He's taking over a great program with a strong history and he seems to get it. Not many coaches do, and those that do are off coaching elite teams in elite conferences. The more and more I hear from Boylen, the bigger my expectations are for this program under his leadership. I felt the same way under Urban Meyer, but never had that feeling with Giacoletti. I liked him and I thought he would be a good coach, but he never blew me away. Boylen has and if he can coach half as good as he works a room, Utah basketball will be in great hands.