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How 'bout them Jazz?

Utah is a game away from advancing to the team's first Western Conference Finals in 9 years. Yes, their amazing run continues and with a victory tomorrow night over the Oakland Golden State Warriors, Utah will advance and either play the San Antonio Spurs or the Phoenix Suns.

This after Utah was thoroughly demolished in game 3, a game where the Warriors rolled Utah to a 20 point victory. However Utah bounced back with a thrilling, grind 'em out 114-101 victory and now lead the best of 7 series 3-1. A near insurmountable edge, as only 8 teams in NBA history have ever come back from a 3-1 deficit.

With all due respect to the "We Believe" campaign that's swept Oaktown, it's not going to continue for much longer. Yeah the Warriors aren't dead yet and I think they have the ability to steal a game in Salt Lake, but I think Utah has a better chance of going to the NBA Finals than the Warriors have of winning 3 straight and taking the series.

Whoa, would have thought when Utah went down 2-0 to Houston we'd realistically be talking NBA Finals? What a ride, let's just hope it continues.