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Utah Utes TV schedule released

Too lazy to do the entire schedule, so I'll just show Utah games. Not like anyone gets these channels anyway...

Date Game Network Time (MST)
09/08/07 Air Force at Utah mtn. 4pm
09/15/07 UCLA at Utah Versus 3pm
09/23/07 Utah at UNLV mtn. 8pm
09/29/07 Utah St. at Utah mtn. 2pm
10/18/07 Utah at TCU Versus 6pm
10/27/07 Utah at Colorado St. mtn. 3:30pm
11/10/07 Wyoming at Utah CSTV 1:30pm
11/17/07 New Mexico at Utah mtn. 3:30pm
11/24/07 Utah at BYU CSTV/mtn. 12pm

A lot of early games, especially compared to the past few years. The latest a game starts at Rice-Eccles Stadium will be against Air Force, the second game of the season. That'll kick off at 4:00. So that means a lot of afternoon games, which I don't mind, especially toward the end of the year when it's colder than a meeting with Rosie O'Donnell and Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

I'm surprised at how early the Holy War kicks off. A 12pm start will mean I've got to get up extra early to get down to Provo, because traffic will be a nightmare.

Question though, if a game is played on the mtn. and no one watches it, did it really happen? That's a riddle to keep you occupied until the season gets here!