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Some College Football News tidbits

While I love reading College Football News' massive college football preview, I've conceded they really don't have a clue at what they're talking about. In fact, they're rarely right in any of their predictions, but that should be expected, since I'm guessing most of those guys don't have the means to watch every single program. And without complete knowledge of a school, and its strengths, it's not a surprise that outside the BCS, they falter in their predictions. But hey, it's still interesting enough and it helps us get through the dreaded summer months.  

They've already thrown up their Utah preview, in which they talk about how fickle the team has been since Urban Meyer left for Florida in the winter of 2004. It's actually a decent read, but tells us nothing we already don't know.

Another interesting preview is their TCU one, where they call TCU a dark horse national championship contender. Yeah, I don't buy that, but hey, good publicity for the conference. Though it's too bad the Utes aren't good enough to garner that type of attention on the national stage. Hopefully that changes this year.

The most interesting article, in my mind anyway, is their bowl predictions. Interesting mostly because I don't understand how they can predict bowl games this early in the season. I mean outside of the obvious (BCS bowls and bowls that are tied to a conference champion), it seems pretty impossible to predict any of these bowl matchups, but they need filler I guess.

They have Utah playing Washington State in the Armed Forces Bowl. That's the bowl Utah played in last year and I'm guessing they feel the Utes will finish 3rd behind TCU and BYU in the Mountain West Conference standings. I don't disagree with that and I actually wouldn't mind playing Washington State in the Armed Forces Bowl. Of course I think finishing 3rd in the conference, again, would be a disappointment and I hope Utah can at least get that 2nd spot, if not win the conference outright.

For what it's worth, College Football News' 2006 predictions had Utah going 11-1 and playing in the Fiesta Bowl. They were way off on that one.