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You can't make this stuff up

A few months ago it was BYU football players knocking down the doors of an apartment complex after their girlfriends got a little wet because of water balloons. And now it's this!

Essentially Kyle Perry, a runner for BYU, was arrested after taking a mop, yes a MOP, and assaulting a pedestrian with it. In fact, the two sparred, before Perry got into his car and tried to flee the scene, but the pedestrian stepped in front of the car and wouldn't let him leave until police arrived. This stuff is too good to make up and leave it to our brother's down south to yet again make headlines with the most head scratching, embarrassing antics to grace college athletics.

There is also speculation that Kyle is the younger brother of Brandon Perry, who a few years ago jumped out of the stands down at Cougar Stadium and attacked a male University of Utah cheerleader. After falling to the ground, the Utah cheerleader began beating the shit out of him before the fight was broken up and Perry, along with huge flags, were banned from Cougar Stadium (now LaVell Edwards Stadium) for good. If true, you've got to wonder how many power lines the Perry brothers lived under during their childhood.

So in honor of this event, I present you the new and improved BYU logo.

Now that's Cougar Pride!