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Surefire Scouting ranks Utah 30th

It might not be a very well known online preseason preview, but Surefire Scouting is sure giving Utah some love. In their 2007 top-30, Utah comes in at 30th. The only other Mountain West Conference team to make the cut was TCU, where they're ranked at an impressive 9th place.

Their Mountain West Conference predictions has Utah finishing 2nd behind TCU, with Brian Johnson (QB), Brent Casteel (WR), Robert Conley (OG), Jason Boone (OT) and Louie Sakoda (K) named to the Mountain West Conference All Offensive team. Joe Jianonni (LB) is their preseason pick for the Mountain West Conference All Defensive team.  

Casteel is also mentioned as a 4th place All-American.

Hopefully their predictions hold true and Utah actually bests those predictions. It'll be tough, as the following opponents are listed in Surefire Scouting's top-30.

TCU (9th)
UCLA (11th)