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We need a little football

Remember that godawful Christmas song growing up that sang about how we needed a little Christmas? Sure you do, it was that damn song that nearly drove you to wrap that freaking holly around your neck and then actually want to deck someone in the halls. I hate that song and every Christmas avoid it like the black plague. Yet I couldn't help but think of it when I thought about how we needed a little football. But then I got that damn tune stuck in my head and couldn't get it out, which made me want football even more. Then I realized the closer football got, the closer Christmas would arrive and with Christmas on its way, that horrid song would soon be dominating the airwaves. Oh the humanity!

I realize though that Christmas and that song getting closer were just something I would have to accept if it meant football season was just around the corner. And so it is, football officially kicks off for Utah next month, (albeit the second to last day of the month). It couldn't come soon enough, because I'm dying here. It's like being stuck in the desert with no water and realizing that the closest gas station is 100 miles away. That's how I feel, instead of dying of thirst, my brain has been suffering a drought of ideas and I really need something to write about here on the blog, or I run the risk of this becoming one of those ghost towns stuck in the middle of that desert.

Oh sure I could do previews, but I don't want to blow through those too quickly. I've already done 2 of the 10 teams Utah faces this year, and with the season still a bit less than two months away, I need something to write about here. That's my job and I'm not going to ignore this blog because I have nothing to write about. Which probably might not be a bad thing, since I won't blather on like I am right now. But oh well, it's just more evidence we need a little football.

Seriously though, summer is nice and I do enjoy the weather, relaxing and the vacations I take. But nothing quite compares to a fall evening at the stadium, watching your team lay it all out on the field in the chilled air. It's something I miss and while I hate wishing away my summer, I think it's time we need a little football.

We need that football because I'm tired of wondering what is in store for Utah. Predicting can be fun, but it can also be overdone and often proves that most of us don't know a lick about predicting college football in the first place. And really, isn't predicting what's going to happen a lot like cyber sex. It might be interesting and it could kill a few hours (I guess if you're doing it right), but the outcome never lives up to the real thing. This is why we need a little football.

There are also so many questions that need to be answered. Of course most of those that are important to us revolve around the Utes. Will Kyle Whittingham go a season without one of those dumb, how-in-the-hell-did-that-happen type of losses? How's Brian Johnson going to perform after missing an entire season? What will Utah's defense be like without Eric Weddle? Will they have any semblance of a running game this year? These questions need to be answered, which is why we need a little football.

With all that said, the biggest reason we need a little football is because I need my damn Utes! And you readers should be spared my near nonsensical rants on Block U. That will only happen with a little football.

We now return you to your regular scheduled non-football vegetation.