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Brian Johnson named 4th best fantasy quarterback by CFN

College Football News has released its 2007 Fantasy Quarterback Rankings and Johnson comes in at 4th. While this is great for BJ, it's also important to note that this doesn't mean he's the 4th best quarterback in the nation by their predictions, rather they believe he will have one of the greatest impacts in terms of fantasy points. Which, if you go off of his sophomore season in 2005, will prove to be correct.

4. Brian Johnson, Jr. Utah CFN 2005 Point Total: 188 ... 18.83 ppg
Note that the point totals are from 2005, when he ran the Utah spread attack almost as well as Alex Smith. After taking a year off from a 2005 knee injury, he's back and better than ever. Word is he's even sharper than before.

I like hearing that he's sharper. While he put up great numbers in '05, there were mistakes that cost Utah games (fumbling against North Carolina and New Mexico; poor redzone play). From what I've heard, Whittingham believes Johnson has corrected the problem that caused him to fumble, so let's just hope redzone production steps up. Because if it does, this offense will be nearly unstoppable.