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Utes appear to be setting yet another season ticket record

The Utes football team has already sold 23,500 tickets, the 2nd best mark in school history. That only trails last year's record setting season, when Utah sold 24,250 season tickets. That means Utah is only 751 season tickets away from setting a school record for the third consecutive year. In 2005, the Utes broke the school record of season tickets set in 1998 at 21,510 when they sold 21,520 season tickets. The fact Utah's home schedule isn't great (with only UCLA being a high-quality opponent) makes this feat even more remarkable.

Hopefully this means Utah will be looking at stadium expansion soon. Though I wouldn't be surprised if it took at least a couple more seasons of record breaking ticket sales to get the gears into motion.

Utes set to release new ticket package.