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Injuries not as bad as thought?

Lya Wodraska's blog on today's scrimmage had me thinking this team was an injury away from pulling random kids out of class and forcing them to suit up for Utah's opener against Oregon State. However, after reading the Utes press release on today's scrimmage, I am much more relieved.

Whittingham had this to say on injuries:

With half of the preseason practice schedule in the rearview mirror, now is the time that injuries start to take their toll. However, Whittingham is happy to point out that today's injuries were nothing major.

"We have some bumps and bruises and it's nothing more than that," Whittingham said. "We're at the point of preseason where the wear and tear starts to show. We have to get the work done and there's no substitute for live action. It's a double-edged sword. We need the live snaps but we also don't want to over-do it."

Emphasis mine

Clearly a different tone between Whittingham's comments and what Lya had in her article today. Hopefully Whittingham is right and McCain's injury isn't bad at all.