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Utes offense rebounds after dismal showing Tuesday

Kyle Whittingham called out the Utes' offense after an inconsistent showing in Tuesday's practice and it appears to have worked, as the offense returned yesterday with strikingly different results.

Here are some quotes from the Deseret News article:

"Guys came out focused -- ready to go and ready to work," he [Brian Johnson] said. "We came out with a great attitude today."

While I'm glad they came out with a far better attitude, it shouldn't take getting called out by the head coach to flip the on switch. If that switch isn't flipped this close to the season, I wonder if they will be able to sustain their focus.

"We've got to come out to work every day -- whether guys are down, whether guys are tired and injured right now," Johnson said. "This is the toughest part of the year, camp and getting into the middle of two-a-days. So you've got to find a way to fight through it."

Yup and every team goes through what Utah is going through right now. But only the great teams know that you've got to put in 100% effort every day if you're going to build a foundation for a successful season.

"Everybody's tired, everybody's sore and everybody's legs hurt," Johnson said. "It's hot and whatever, but so what? Do it."

Do it. Do it harder and do it better than you did it before. If there is pain, fight through it. If it's hot, wipe the sweat from your forehead get back into the action. This is the most vital point of the year, because it sets the tone for the upcoming season. That tone should never be tied to the word quit and hopefully this year it isn't.

Johnson agrees with Whittingham's assessment that the offense simply wasn't good enough.

"It's not acceptable. If you want to be an 8-5 team or a 7-5 team that was an acceptable scrimmage," Johnson said. " ... But we set our goals higher than that as a team. We set our standards higher than that."

Perfectly stated. We don't want to be an 8-5, 7-5 team. We want to win conference championships, compete for the top-25 and yes make a run at a BCS Bowl game. We should never accept mediocrity because it feels successful enough. 8-5 is not good enough and should not be tolerated as such. And I'm glad Whittingham agrees with Johnson.

"I have high expectations of those guys, very high expectations," he said. "You've got an excellent quarterback and you've got 10 returning starters. There's no reason why we shouldn't be effective on offense."

No reason at all, Coach. And if this team isn't effective on offense this year, the blame will be solely on you.

These surely are the dog days of summer and hopefully Utah's offense isn't in Whittingham's doghouse for much longer.