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Oregon State troubles

I'm starting to think if Utah doesn't defeat Oregon State, we could be in for a world of trouble.

It's being reported that wide receiver Sammie Stroughter, possibly the best offensive player for the Beavers, will miss this season indefinitely because of personal problems. Those personal problems stem from the deaths of two close family members and Oregon State football official Jim Gilstrap. Gilstrap died last month from medical complications.

This is a big blow for Oregon State, as their offense is pretty much held in limbo as a result of this and the fact that head coach Mike Riley has yet to decide on a starting quarterback. While you hate to see this thing happen to a team, there is no denying that it could have a positive impact on Utah. And as much as I hate defeating a team that's having problems, a loss to start the season is never good and a victory against a Pacific Ten program, no matter how depleted, could lay the foundation for a great season.

This game is going to be big for both programs and because of that, I expect a tight one.