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It can't get worse than this

A loss? Check.
Quarterback gone at least two weeks? Check.
Best running back out for the season? Check.
The season defined by a crappy football game? Who knows, but it sure is looking that way.

And so the 2007 season kicks off with Utah repeating its performance in Pasadena. Except at least Utah got out of that game healthy. Now they've got to find a new quarterback, one that hopefully doesn't have the initials T and G. Then they've got to go out and find a back that can at least get a 1/2 yard on a run, which -- and this isn't really a lie, either -- would be an improvement over what we saw tonight.

I'm not going to break down the game, because who really needs to revisit such horror, but I can sum it up in one word: shit. Yes, shit. It was shit on top of shit with shit sprinkled on it for good measure. And to make matters worse, it probably means we're in for a shit season, with even more shitty games. Better go take a sniff of your toilet bowl, because that strench is coming to a stadium near you.

To be fair, things weren't all bad. Utah's offense looked decent enough early in the game, until Asiata went down. Then it went from decent to bad and the finally from bad to worse after BJ exited the game. Whatever Tommy Grady is, he is NOT a D1-A starting quarterback. The guy may have a rocket for an arm, but he couldn't connect with a receiver if he were more open than the wide fields of Montana.

But let's be realistic here, there were issues. Firstly, this team went nearly an entire quarter without getting one damn first down. Is it really that hard to get 10 yards at least once on a few plays? I can see struggling on 3rd downs, but when you're constantly struggling to get a first down every drive, things are not going right.

Secondly, BJ was carving up that cheap secondary of OSU and the second Grady stepped in, it was as if the Beavers built a wall between Grady and the receivers, because he couldn't complete a pass to save his life (I already touched on that one).

Thirdly, where the hell is this running game? Ok, Asiata was supposed to be a great back for Utah, but is there really that big of a drop off from him to Stowers, who was designated the starter before the game? If there is, then how are we even going to get enough wins to finish above .500? And that brings me to my final point...

We're screwed the next three weeks if Johnson sits out. Face it, this team probably doesn't even have the offensive power to beat Air Force, let alone UCLA. And we better hope we get some breaks against UNLV, or Utah could realistically be looking at an 0-4 start before finally getting a victory against Utah State. Hope and pray that Johnson returns quickly, or this season is done.

I'm done ranting, hopefully this team can show up better against Air Force, but I won't hold my breath.