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Michigan stunned in biggest upset in college football history

Think I'm overselling it? Do you remember the last time a D1-AA team walked into a top-5 team's house and came out the victor? Neither do I and because of that, we've just probably witnessed the biggest upset in college football history.

Appalachian State was the team to pull it off, as they walked into Ann Arbor and held on for the slim 34-32 victory. It looked as if the Wolverines would win the game, driving down the field and getting into field goal range with 6 seconds left. However, on the possible game-winning field goal, the kick was blocked, Appalachian recovered and ran out the clock.

And so there it was, history made on the field Utah will open its 2008 season. This will have wide-stretching implications, as most likely Lloyd Carr's career will come to an end either before the season finishes, or shortly after the season finishes. Which means when Utah and Michigan meet next season, they will most likely be facing a new coaching staff. How will that play out, I guess we'll have to wait. But I for one hate opening the season against a team with a new coaching staff.

Congratulations though to Appalachian State, they truly were Hot, Hot, Hot today!