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Would a wholesale change on offense really help?

Most of the Ute detractors, those who realize that something is not right, offer that changing the offense is the way to go. Essentially, they believe Kyle Whittingham can salvage this team by changing offensive assistants. But is this just prolonging the inevitable, or will it actually work?

Typically changing offensive coaches doesn't do much good because often the problems run deeper than that. This is the problem I see with Utah, because the root of that problem goes deeper than just poor offensive schemes. There is a fundamental issue with discipline and coaching on this team and I'm not so sure a wholesale change fixes that unless you go to the top. Yet even I can't come to grips with the idea of firing Whittingham. I do believe he deserves a chance with a new offensive staff, even if I don't believe it will really amount to anything other than another year with frustrating losses and poorly disciplined teams.

The biggest issues I have with this team is the fact there does appear to be talent, but it just isn't living up to the level of expectations. Now if it were one or two players, I think it could be ignored as poor players that don't care enough to play the game the way it's supposed to be played. That's perfectly normal, as every team has those players. But when it becomes an overwhelming amount of players that are struggling to live up to their abilities, I think you've then got to start questioning the coaching staff. And for the past three years, that has been the case with Whittingham and his staff.

I don't question the talent of these players, but I do not think they understand the game or have been taught to understand the game by these coaches. The fault there lies with Whittingham and his assistants and how am I supposed to think it will change with a new offensive coordinator and a couple of new position coaches? These problems are indicative of a poor coaching staff and ultimately a head coach. And as much as I want Kyle to succeed, and I've been damn good at not blaming him for every problem, I have quickly come to the realization that there are some fatal flaws in his blueprint for this program. Too big of issues that probably won't be solved by bringing in new assistants.

So how can I accept the idea of giving Whittingham a chance with a new coaching staff? Well because I still hold out hope, however slim, that it might work. Maybe Whittingham isn't a bad head coach and that these issues are truly because of poor leadership from Ludwig on down. We know that Whittingham does not coach the offense because he's not an offensive coach. He's put his full trust into the hands of Ludwig and I think he'll come away burned for that decision. But if he can find a competent offensive coordinator with the ability to actually teach and adjust, then maybe this team can succeed. But that's a big maybe and is it worth taking a risk bringing Whittingham back, knowing 2008 could be yet another underperforming year? That's the dilemma Chris Hill faces at the end of the season and that's the dilemma I face when it comes to formulating an opinion on a coaching change.

What do you think, will dropping Ludwig and a few of his assistants really change things, or will it just extend our agony? Vote Here and leave your comments below.


Will change on the offensive end really change anything?

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    Yes, Whittingham is a good coach, surrounded by poor assistants.
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    No, the writing is on the wall and a change will just prolong the inevitable.
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