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Alex Smith leads Niners to opening game win

Hey, if we can't talk about success here at Utah, might as well talk about former Utes having success!

In his first game of the season, Alex Smith marched the Niners down field in nearly 3 minutes and watched as they defeated the Arizona Cardinals 20-17. Pretty damn good if you ask me and Alex Smith deserves all the credit for this victory because of his gutsy run on 4th down.

San Francisco was facing a 4th and 1 and their hopes pinned on one play. And while the offensive coordinator called a horrible play -- run on 4th down, dammit -- Smith was calm, looked for the open receiver and when he couldn't find anyone to throw the ball to, took off on his own. There he bolted up field, got the first down and ran for 24 more yards before finally running out of bounds. That set up a sweet 22-yard pass to Arnaz Battle, who then proceded to fumble on the one yard line. A lucky bounce provided the Niners the recovery and a chance to punch it in. And on first and goal, unlike Utah Saturday night, they did just that.

Arnaz Battle scored on a 1-yard end-around and the Niners took the lead with 22 seconds left in the game. Arizona quarterback Matt Leinart tried desperately to move the Cardinals down the field on their final possession, however his first and only pass of that drive was intercepted and San Francisco ran out the clock.

Alex finished 15 of 31 for 126 yards. While not a great performance, the way he led the Niners down the field on their final drive was a thing of beauty. It reminded me so much of 2004, when he tore up Colorado State and North Carolina right before the half in both games.

At least there is something to cheer about, thanks Alex!