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Utes' crushing blows force Olson to sidelines

Utah's stingy defense has sidelined UCLA quarterback Ben Olson, the OC Register reports. Olson was sacked five times by the Ute defense in a 44-6 rout of the Bruins Saturday afternoon. Those hits have apparently given Olson some headaches since the game and he's sat out practice because of them. Whether Olson will miss UCLA's game against Washington is unknown.

Now while I hate seeing players injured, this just shows the sheer force of Utah's defense. That attitude and toughness has been missing since Whittingham became head coach, even though they were a staple over the years under his leadership as their defensive coordinator. Hopefully this new fierce defense becomes a new trend for Utah and they brutalize offenses for years to come.

"Good thing I decided against going to BYU, or I'd be kissing the field a ton more over the years."

"I've always wondered what it felt like running full speed into a wall."

Seriously though, good luck to Ben Olson and the Bruins. I'll be cheering them on the rest of the season and hope they finish 11-1. And to our buddies over at Bruins Nation, it sucks now, but the Bruins have talent. With some competent coaching, this team will contend for a BCS Bowl and who knows, maybe even a national championship.