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Black Monday

Lifted from portalw12's diary entry

Was that the stock market or Utah football?  It's really doesn't matter they both crashed on a black monday.  

Where did Kyle Wittingham go?  This is not the same person who once graced our sidelines with a fiery determination to win.  He used to expect perfection out of his defenses.  Now he seems lost as a head coach.  Is it because he is trying so hard to be something other than himself (Lavell, Urban) that who he was no longer exists?  It is sad to see.

Coaching in college football is everything.  They have complete control, they recruit, the hire their assistants, the play a role in scheduling, they coach, game plan and motivate.  Utah has always had some of the best talent in the conference WAC or MWC as we do today.  The ability to take that talent above itself "consistently" is the mark of a good coaching staff.  

Great players in college do not elevate themselves. Show me a consistent winner week in and week out without dramatic swings one-way or the other, and you will find a solid, well-coached team.  Michigan, Tennessee, Alabama (pre Saban) are all feeling the same pain we Utah fans are feeling.  They have even better talent yet their coaching staff's fail to deliver week in and week out.  So is our lot.

Hey it is clear our stock price has been slumping and is on a downward trend, no question about it.  What happens to CEO's when the company under performs under their watch?  Call a board meeting; we will be looking at a new CEO soon I guarantee it.

The worst part of it all is that we need a consistent long term coach, inconsistency in our head coaching position is almost as bad as inconsistency on the field, we had hoped Kyle Wittingham would deliver on that and be here for the long haul, I know that's what he wanted too.  It seems neither of us will have that wish granted on this BLACK MONDAY.