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ESPN just as perplexed over Utah's struggles

Today's Forde-Yard Dash has a quick blurb about Utah's erratic play.

The Utah/UCLA (7) mystery. For one surreal day, the Utes owned the Bruins, humiliating them 44-6. Now consider what each team has done before and after that day. Utah: 0-3, beaten by Oregon State, Air Force and UNLV, having scored a total of 19 points in those three games. UCLA: 3-0, beating Stanford, BYU and Washington and scoring 116 points in those victories. So what in the name of Tommy Prothro got into both teams Sept. 15?

I've never seen anything remotely like this before in my life. An 0-2 team dominates their 11th ranked opponent, only to lose to one of the worst teams in college football. That type of play goes beyond just erratic. In fact, I bet we can call Keith Barton and sue Utah for damages due to whiplash.

"One call. That's all."