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Mountain West Conference power rankings

Blah, blah, blah. Ugly, ugly, ugly. I'm tired of Utah sucking. They went from the top of the Mountain West in '04 and have been tumbling downward ever since. When will it end?

Team of the week: BYU. So much for Air Force being the darling of the conference. After opening Mountain West play with wins over Utah and TCU, the Falcons were crushed by the Cougars. BYU gets over its embarrassing loss to Tulsa and is on track to win their second straight title.

Dud of the week: Utah. You get shutout by UNLV and you should be here for the entire season. Pathetic.

Week Four Rankings
Rank Team Comments
1 1-0 in conference play, 2-2 on the season. 2006 all over again? Maybe, but they'll have to get by a tough Lobo team next week. If BYU can win there, it's smooth sailing to another conference crown.
2 A gutsy win by Wyoming last week against a tough Ohio team. Now the Pokes are 3-1 on the season and moving in on their first bowl since the 2004 season. Wyoming is shaping up to be the Mountain West darkhorse this year.
3 Not taking a game against a D1-AA opponent for granted, the Lobos throttled Sacramento State, to finish their out of conference schedule at 3-1. Things get much tougher this weekend against BYU.
4 Tough loss for the Falcons, but they still sit at 3-1 and 2-1 in Mountain West play. If Troy Calhoun is going to show that Air Force has returned, he will need to beat their rival Navy. That's a tall order, but one that could signal the Falcons are back as the best academy team in the country.
5 The Frogs looked less than impressive in their victory over SMU. But a win is a win and after losing to Texas and Air Force, I think they'll take it. Next up, a home game against winless Colorado State.
6 Here's a shocker, UNLV is 1-0 in Mountain West play and at .500 after four games. When was the last time that happened? Bask in the glow of success now, Rebel fans, because UNLV might just struggle Saturday against rival Nevada.
7 The Aztecs have slightly improved over the past three weeks and last Saturday's win over Portland State was pretty impressive. If the Aztecs can stun 24th ranked Cincinnati, Chuck Long just may have righted their sinking ship.
8 Classic choke job by the Rams. They looked solid in the first half against a tough Houston team and then folded when the going got tough. I'm sensing that this will be Coach Lubick's final season in Fort Collins.
7 I'm tempted to lock Utah down here for the rest of the season. Just when they finally move out of the cellar they go out and get shutout by UNLV. Embarrassing and frankly, I do think that deserves a lifetime position at the bottom of the power rankings.