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Falcons-Utes gameday open thread

Air Force Utah
Quick Look

Saturday, September 8th

4:00 MST

Rice-Eccles Stadium, Salt Lake City, Utah

TV: mtn.

Radio: Kall 700

All-time Series: Air Force leads 13-10

Last meeting: 2006 (Utah 17, Air Force 14)

Game Preview

What to expect when Utah has the ball: A far different offense from what we saw last week. The Utes will most likely run the ball more to set up the pass, while taking out the option part of their offense. With Brian Johnson out and Tommy Grady in, you probably won't see Grady take off at all tonight. Look for the more traditional pro-style offense.

What to expect when Air Force has the ball: Probably something we haven't seen from the Falcons ever. Air Force has radically changed their offense and I wouldn't be surprised if they try and run it up the gut against the Utes, then open the game up through the air. Shaun Carney is a good quarterback who will test Utah's secondary early and if he hits his receivers, don't expect them to deviate from that plan. For good measure I think the Falcons will throw in some wishbone plays and run the option, but definitely not as much as they did under Fisher DeBerry.

How the Utes win: Run, run and run some more. If the Utes can find a running game, they should be ok. But if this turns into a track meet between Shaun Carney and Tommy Grady, the edge automatically goes to the Falcons. I'm not completely neglecting the passing game, but there are doubts and until I see evidence that the passing game can work, I'm going to be skeptical of its ability. But I think if Utah is going to have success, they will need a grind it out game plan. Hopefully, the offensive line does enough to create holes and blocks well enough for Utah's backs.

Let's hear what you think. Register for a free account here and leave your comments, predictions and other game-day chatter below in the comments section. Here's to Utah starting the conference season 1-0. Go Utes!