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A statistical look at San Diego State

This Wednesday, San Diego State hosts Utah in a pretty important conference game. The Aztecs are currently 2-0 in conference play, while Utah enters the game 1-0. If the Utes can steal a win, it could possibility position them for a conference championship run.

The Aztecs have a pretty decent offense, hitting 70 or more 9 times this season. The Aztecs hit 72 points Saturday against the Lobos, an impressive number when you realize that came on the road. The Aztecs average 70 PPG, putting them at 150th in the nation. Not a remarkable number, but it will offer Utah some challenges.

Looking at the Aztecs-Lobos game.

First, the Lobos shot horrible from the line, only making 50% of their free throws. That's probably the game right there, as the Aztecs held on for the five point win. Outside of that, the game was pretty much neck-and-neck throughout the night. The Aztecs shot better from the floor, while New Mexico was better from the perimeter. The game flow shows how the Lobos pretty much controlled the game throughout the first half. New Mexico built an 11 point lead with 4:30 left in the half and coasted into the break up 8. The second half, however, was a different story.

San Diego State cut into the Lobos' eight point lead to 4 at the 7 minute mark and continued chipping away at it until they took the lead with about 10 minutes left in the game at 45-42. That was a lead they wouldn't relinquish.

The Aztecs fought back and proved they aren't to be taken lightly, even if they lost to Northern Colorado at home. Any team that can comeback from being down double digits to New Mexico on the road is capable of doing a lot of good things. But it will depend on which Aztecs team shows up, because if it's the one that laid a massive egg against Northern Colorado, the Utes should easily prevail.

Comparing the two teams.

Both Utah and San Diego State enter undefeated in Mountain West play. Currently the Aztecs have a better winning percentage. In the lone comparable game, the Utes beat Cal 67-65 on the road, while San Diego State lost to Cal on the road 77-69.

Over the past 3 years, Utah is 2-1 against the Aztecs in Cox Arena, their lone loss coming last season. Utah has won 45 of the 56 meetings between the two.

This will be a good game and I expect a close contest. Outside of the Santa Clara game -- which looks more and more like an anomaly -- Utah has not been blown out once. If the Utes play like they have been as of late, especially on the defensive end, there is no reason why they shouldn't win this game. But that will take them overcoming their road woes, something I thought would have happened after their big victory over Cal.