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Head explodes

What the hell?

I mean seriously, WHAT THE HELL?

C'mon, can anyone tell me what the hell is going on here? Utah has no business losing to Wyoming. So again I ask, what the hell? I mean really, this is getting pathetic. Nothing is worse than paying someone to kick you in the crotch ten times over and that's exactly what I felt like tonight.

On the bright side, Utah's women beat #15 Wyoming, so break out the alcohol-free champagne, cause we're going to party like it's 1999. Now only if it were still 1999, then we'd not be losing to freaking WYOMING AT HOME. The same Cowboys who entered the game with one win in conference play.

I said this before the game...

These types of games, against inferior foes at home, are essentially must wins, as losing will ultimately destroy any hope of receiving an NIT bid.

Obviously someone was not listening to me, because what do you know, Utah turns around and LOSES a very winnable game. And if rewinding back to 1999 makes your head spin, imagine rewinding back to New Mexico and BYU and San Diego State. Then take a trip back to the Gonzaga game and the Washington game...because that's exactly how this one ended for the Utes.

So Utah comes out of the gates laying a big, fat smelly egg. They get down, fight back and get down again. But, right on cue, they fight back for one last surge before finally crumbling. Becuase, you know, this team has to give fans the false hope of victory before ripping out our hearts, shoving it down our throats, forcing us to shit it out again before finally kicking it into the trash. Ok, maybe a bit dramatic, but c'mon, WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?

And just like that Utah finds itself again in the cellar of this craptastic conference. At 2-4, can we honestly say this team is any better than they were last year? Probably not, and that's what is most infuriating. I really thought this team would get it, turn things around and compete for a championship. But now we'll be lucky to compete for a spot in the top-half of the conference, just like last year. This leads us to the next big question. If Utah can't freaking beat Wyoming at home, how in the world do we expect them to win on the road and beat the good teams in Salt Lake? The simple answer? We shouldn't, which means this ride might be getting even more bumpier. Freaking lovely.