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Utes finish 32nd, 38th in final polls

With LSU winning the national championship last night, the 2007 college football season has come to a close and the two major polls have been released. Not surprisingly, Utah finished outside of the top-25, but did end the season receiving votes, the first time since the end of the 2005 campaign.

In the final USA Today Poll, the Utes finished 38th with 2 votes. While the AP Poll had Utah finishing 32nd with 9 votes. BYU finished 14th in both polls.

Had Utah not blown it on fourth down against the Cougars, there is no question they would have finished the season ranked in the top-25, building momentum for 2008. Now, though, Utah will probably open the 2008 season on the cusp of the top-25. How that will ultimately impact next year, well no one can predict. And of course, it's not where you start in the rankings, rather where you finish that matters the most. So will Utah be ranked at all next year?