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Mountain West Conference power rankings

Week six only offered two out of conference games, which turned out to be a split (Utah won, Air Force lost). Not terrible, but a Falcon win over Navy could have scored the conference some solid points. Oh well.

Team of the Week: CSU. Give it up for Colorado State! They win their first conference game of the year and already matched last year's win total! It's doubtful they'll be able to finish with a winning record, but a 5-7 season would be a step in the right direction.

Teams of the Weak: Wyoming & SDSU. Both lost by a combined score of 65-7. WTF?

Week Six Rankings
Rank Team Comments
1 I said last week a win would move Utah up in the rankings and it did. Their victory over Oregon State nearly didn't happen, but a win is a win and the Utes are the first Mountain West team to reach 6 wins. A solid win over Wyoming Saturday could keep them at the top.
2 BYU ambled through their victory against USU and have yet to show they can really dominate away from home. At 5-0, the Cougars have played only one game outside of the state of Utah and they nearly lost it. This Saturday, though, shouldn't be much of a test, since they host New Mexico -- who has struggled recently playing BYU, last winning in 2004.
3 TCU bounced back nicely with an explosive win over struggling San Diego State. Yes, it wasn't much of a test, but it got them back on the right track and that really is all that matters. Next up for TCU is a trip to Fort Collins and a showdown with Colorado State. It should be a victory and if they play like they did last weekend, it almost certainly will.
4 The Lobos started the season out very poorly, but have rolled off two straight victories to pull their record to exactly .500 on the season. Now comes their toughest game of the season to date, a road game against a team that hasn't allowed a point in two consecutive home games. Ouch.
5 Air Force fought back against Navy but came up short in a game they should have won. Now the Falcons sit at 3-2 and will be looking to turn it around against the slumping Aztecs. They should, but an upset loss here could derail their season and end any hope of receiving a bowl invite.
6 CSU looked composed in a game that they nearly lost. Even though UNLV isn't a great team, for a program that only managed three wins last season, to be at 3-2 at this stage in the season is pretty good. Now they can make some real noise with an upset of TCU Saturday.
7 UNLV is here because they didn't get blown out in their game against Colorado State, not because they're the seventh best team in the conference. In fact, the gap between the final three is pretty minimal.
8 I really don't know which team sucks more, San Diego State or Wyoming. They're both terrible and both looked embarrassingly bad last weekend. So, I'll just leave the status quo here for now, especially since at least the Aztecs managed a touchdown in their blowout loss.