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Utah-Wyoming Gameday Open thread

C'mon, Utes, let's get to 7-0!

Utah Wyoming

Quick Look

Saturday, October 11th, 2008

12:00 MST

War Memorial Stadium, Laramie, Wyoming

TV: mtn.

Radio: KALL 700

Game Preview

What to expect when Utah has the ball: Expect a solid ground game, especially if the weather is as poor as they're predicting. Utah has a good running game and there is no point in risking turning the ball over through the air if they can produce on the ground.

What to expect when Wyoming has the ball: A ton of turnovers. Wyoming's offense is pretty bad and they turn the ball over an awful lot this season. Their offense ranks dead last in the conference in terms of points per game and yards per game. Broken down further, their pass offense is second to last and their rushing offense ranks fifth. So, like Utah, expect them to run the ball, since that's their strongest aspect on offense.

How Utah wins: Defend the run as good as they've done this year, don't give up big plays through the air and don't turn the ball over. Wyoming is not a good team and Utah should not lose this game. If they've exorcised the letdown demons of past, they should win this game rather easily. If they haven't, then Wyoming might just upset the Utes.

Lucky knows how it goes!

Hope to be 15-1 when it's all said and done!

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