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Mack unhappy?

In the Tribune today, Lya Wodraska has an article up discussing how Darrell Mack is unhappy with his role on the tema. 

From the article:

Asked this week about Utah's lack of running productivity against Wyoming, in which he rushed a season-low six times for 15 yards and Asiata rushed 11 times for 37 yards, Mack said he didn't know why that was."I don't really care either, " he said. "I don't care."Mack didn't specify what he didn't care about and continued to be vague.Asked if he was frustrated, Mack said, "I just come to practice every day, I don't even know. I have nothing to say."

So, is this going to be a problem? I can understand why Mack might not like his current role on the team and I've thought about this being a possibility since Matt Asiata became the real go-to back for the Utes. But I was hoping he'd at least understand and it wouldn't cause a rift. To his credit, though, Mack doesn't seem to be making this a big issue and instead, I've got to think Wodraska is making a blaze out of a lighter flame here. But we'll see.

One thing to keep an eye on is Saturday's game. Will Mack see more touches, will this cause a strain and if it does, how big of an impact will it have on the season? The Utes are 7-0 and they don't need this strife

I believe it's probably nothing major, but it's something we should keep our eyes on. Do you guys think it could become a fatal flaw in Utah's season?