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Mountain West Conference power rankings

It wasn't a banner week for the Mountain West, but namely because there weren't many good games on the schedule. This week should be better, but last week was pretty forgettable. 

Team of the Week: San Diego State. Yeah, who would have thought the Aztecs would make Team of the Week? Well they're here by default, since they did exactly what they were expected to do: demolish Idaho. The other teams with victories Saturday (Utah and New Mexico) didn't look nearly as impressive.

Team of the Weak: UNLV. Ah, looking like old times with the Rebels returning to this part of the list. After starting the season 3-1, UNLV was abused at home by rival Nevada. This Rebel team looks nothing like the one that upset Arizona State and then beat Iowa State at home. 


Week Five Rankings
Rank Team Comments
1 BYU had the week off and won't be tested this week with a Friday night game against a bad Utah State team. It's still unknown if the Cougars are really a great team, since they've yet to play anyone.
2 Utah got what they wanted in their win over Weber State, but now have a bigger challenge as Oregon State travels to Salt Lake for their showdown tonight. A victory, especially a large one, would almost certainly move Utah up a spot in the rankings. 
3 The Falcons have had a week to rest before taking on a suddenly streaking Navy team Saturday in Colorado Springs. This will be a huge game for both teams and actually looks to be one of the better games of the weekend. A victory here would give Air Force a solid start for the second year in a row and put them within striking distance of another bowl berth.
4 I didn't expect TCU to beat the Sooners, but I thought they would give them a better game than they did. I guess maybe the Frogs were not as good as thought and that's the problem you run into when you front load your schedule with cupcakes. Though to be fair, their victory over Stanford is looking pretty good.
5 The Lobos needed a comeback victory to defeat their rivals Saturday, but it's a win and they'll take it! New Mexico is now 2-3 and with Wyoming coming to town Saturday, they can build a mini-winning streak here.
6 Should have known UNLV couldn't turn it around. Just when it looked like they were about to take it to the next level, they get killed against Nevada. Luckily for them, the Rebels play a pretty mediocre Colorado State team this weekend, a near must-win for Mike Sanford.
7 The Rams didn't put up any effort in their loss to Cal, but I don't think anyone really expected them to. With a home game against the Rebels Saturday, they have a chance to record their third win of the year.  
8 The Aztecs move up one spot, but only because they won. I still think the Aztecs are the worst team in the conference and that should be proven when they travel to Fort Worth to take on TCU this weekend.