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Mountain West Conference power rankings

A shift at the top and now the race looks to be between Utah and TCU, though BYU still has a shot. 

Team(s) of the Week: New Mexico & TCU. The Lobos dropped 70 on San Diego State, cruising to one of the most lop-sided games in Mountain West history. Clearly the most impressive victory by the Lobos this season. The Frogs, who many thought could beat BYU, destroyed them last Thursday and now, along with Utah, sit atop the conference.

Team(s) of the Weak: SDSU & BYU. Not only did the Aztecs give up 70 points, they only managed seven against the Lobos. Ouch. BYU, on the other hand, was destroyed at TCU 32-7. Their once powerful offense was kept in check all night and their BCS dreams -- along with the longest win streak in the nation -- were dashed. 

Week Eight Rankings
Rank Team Comments
1 I wasn't sure if I should rank Utah above TCU, but since the Utes are undefeated, it's hard to put a one-loss Frogs team ahead of them. Luckily, the two teams will duke it out in a few weeks, most likely a game that will decide who wins the Mountain West this year. Utah won't lose its top spot, since they're off this week.
2 TCU was ready for BYU and it showed Thursday. It was the most impressive win by any Mountain West team this season and moved the Frogs up a spot, making the race for the Mountain West Championship between themselves and the Utes for the time being. This week should not be too difficult for TCU, as they host a terrible Wyoming team. 
3 I thought about knocking BYU down to 4th, but they're still a good team and will most likely finish in the top-3 this season. Unfortunately for them, their number eight ranking is gone and their hopes of a third consecutive title look dim at the moment.
4 The Falcons struggled against UNLV, but still picked up a much needed victory. Now they host New Mexico tonight in a big game, which could keep their slim title hopes alive.
5 The Lobos rolled San Diego State Saturday and look to do the same to Air Force tonight. This game against the Falcons is pretty big, since it could put New Mexico within a game of bowl contention. A loss, however, might make their game against the Utes the following week make or break.

The Rams really didn't put up much effort in their 49-16 loss to the Utes Saturday. It was a pretty bad loss for a program that looked like it may be turning the corner. However, they get a chance to get back on the path to .500 when they travel to take on the worst team in the Mountain West, San Diego State.

7 Mike Sanford is in desperate need of a win and it isn't likely to happen this weekend against a pissed BYU team. The Rebles have the offense to maybe make it a game, but their defense may be the worst in the conference and that does not bode well for them.
8 Wyoming moves up a spot, but only because they didn't play last week and San Diego State had one of their worst losses in program history. It won't be pretty, though, this week, as they travel to take on TCU.