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Utes shock Beavers with 11 points in 90 seconds

I really am still stunned by last night's game. It was an unbelievable win and even though there were flaws, you can't discount how tough the Utes played in the final minutes of this game. Sometimes magic happens and what we saw last night was simply that, pure magic. 

Yeah, I know it sounds dramatic and a little sappy, but with how the game had gone, I don't think anyone could have predicted that finish. Not only did Utah tie the game, which felt improbable prior to that drive, but they still managed to win in regulation. Seriously, how many times have you seen a game end like that? Not many. 

I could spend this whole time discussing the issues Utah has, namely on offense, but I won't. I'm not going to attack Brian Johnson and I'm not going to diminish this victory. I just can't, not something this special. Could Utah have played better? Yes. Was Utah a bit lucky? Yes. But you know what, luck is a big part of a special season and Utah doesn't have to play perfect to be perfect and that is what they are right now, a perfect 6-0. 

So no, I'm not going to dwell on the negatives. Instead, I'm going to discuss what I did like and that begins with the defense. 

Oregon State, next to BYU, will be the best offense Utah faces this season and I liked how they performed. There were issues with the secondary and those will have to be fixed before that end of the season game, but Utah stopped the Beavers' biggest threat, Jacquizz Rodgers, as best they could. And while Lyle Moevao really had a superb game for Oregon State, I think Utah's defense did what it needed to do, especially by forcing a quick three and out on that final Beaver drive. 

On offense, things were a lot worse. However, you can't ignore Brian Johnson's ability to really lead the Utes when we need him the most. Last night's game-tying drive and the subsequent moments after they got the ball back were perfectly executed. The bottom line is that Johnson may have played poorly in the second half, but when Utah needed him the most, he stepped up. And in the end, that's all that matters. 

Finally, Utah didn't wilt. Down eight with the clock running down, the Utes kept their composure and did what they needed to do. With this win, Utah is now 3-0 in games decided by seven points or less. That is a remarkable stat, since Ute fans are so used to losing extremely close games. The fact they have been able to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, instead of the opposite, has me optimistic that maybe, just maybe, this season will be a special one. And if it is, we'll look back to Thursday's game as the ultimate defining moment. 

Perfection is built on the foundation of luck, skill and composure. Utah had all three last night. Now they just need to keep it up.