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Mountain West Conference power rankings

I slacked off last week with the election and the fact there was a game on Thursday, so I didn't get the power rankings out. However, I think this week was one of the most important, at least at the top, so I don't think I missed too much.


Team of the Week: Wyoming. Whenever you go into Knoxville and win, it's a big deal. Sure, Tennessee isn't anything special this year, but a win there is pretty amazing. The victory doesn't make the Cowboys season a success, but it might have saved Joe Glenn's job.

Team of the Weak: New Mexico. You're fighting for a bowl berth, coming off a close loss to Utah the week before and lay an egg against a worse than mediocre UNLV team? Sure, the Rebels are improved, but c'mon this was a must-win game and now the Lobos are stuck with their first real losing season in eight years (technically, they finished 6-7 in 2006, however, that was after a bowl loss). 

Week Eleven Rankings
Rank Team Comments
1 Utah's win over TCU puts them one victory away from at least a share of the Mountain West title. It also means the only thing standing between them and the BCS are the BYU Cougars. San Diego State this week should be a breeze and then comes that huge showdown for not only an outright conference championship, but another BCS bowl berth.
2 Losing hurts. Losing when you obviously controlled most of the game hurts even more. For most of the night, the Frogs owned the Utes, but they could never put them away and when you let a good team linger, they almost always bite you.
3 Air Force has quietly put together a really impressive season. After easily defeating the Rams Saturday, they now turn their focus to BYU in a game that most certainly will eliminate one of these teams from the conference championship hunt.
4 BYU finally dominated a game from start to finish, cruising past the struggling Aztecs. It was a good victory, especially with a very important game this weekend against Air Force. A loss there and the Cougars can kiss goodbye any chance of a conference title. A victory, though, could get things back on track heading into their huge game against the Utes.
5 It was a tough loss for the Rams against the Falcons, but they still have had a pretty solid season. No one expected Colorado State to make a bowl game, yet the possibility -- if they win out -- is still there.

UNLV, like CSU, is fighting for a bowl bid. Their victory over the Lobos last weekend was a huge step in the right direction and a victory over Wyoming tonight will move them one step closer to that goal. With only San Diego State left on the schedule after that, it's very probable the Rebels reach .500 to end the season.

7 Wyoming's victory over Tennessee was surprising, but what is even more surprising is that the Cowboys just might be able to finish at .500 this year. Who would have thought that two weeks ago? The Cowboys travel to Las Vegas tonight and then end the season by hosting CSU. Win out and a bowl is possible.
8 New Mexico is struggling. Even though they played Utah tough, they couldn't get it done against UNLV. That loss cost them a bowl berth and gives them a losing record in the regular season for the first time since 2000. Rocky Long is a good coach, but it's clear the Lobos regressed this year. Injuries aside, this team should have performed better.