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Is Utah better than USC?

Hey, I didn't pose this question, the Los Angeles Times did.

Well it looks like a guy by the name of Marc Corman asked the question, but the answer by the Times might surprise you. 

Question: As to the latest top 25 rankings, which I know in some respects is meant to be humorous, in ranking Utah ahead of USC I ask this: do you really think Utah is a better team than USC and could beat them?


I would be surprised if Utah could reach midfield once in a game between the two. USC would probably be favored by 25 or more, and might even cover!! Keep up the great writing, but Rankman seems confused, very confused.

Marc H. Corman


Answer: I thought long and hard about this . . . probably, oh, 43 seconds.

I'll turn that around on you: Why shouldn't Utah be ranked ahead of USC?

Utah never once trailed Oregon State, 21-0, as USC did before losing.

In fact, Utah defeated Oregon State.

Utah is 10-0 to USC's 8-1.

The Mountain West Conference this year has dominated the Pacific 10, the league USC calls home.

Texas Christian, which lost to Utah, 13-10, last week, defeated Stanford this year, 31-14.

Stanford, last year, beat USC.

So, tell me, why can't Utah be ranked ahead of USC?

New Mexico, which is 4-7, upset Arizona, 36-28, earlier this season.

USC scuffed out a 17-10 win against those same Arizona Wildcats.

The problem is we get so caught up in labels like BCS team and non-BCS team.

Utah is a good team, so I don't care if it plays in the COB (Conference of Bishops).

Last year, remember, the Utes hammered No. 11 UCLA, 44-6, in Salt Lake City.

I'm starting to have doubts about the Trojans.

I see a great, great defense masking the problems of an increasingly sputtering offense.

I see a team that ranks 114th nationally in penalties, averaging 8.56 a game.

USC ranks No. 1 in total defense, yes.

And TCU (Mountain West) is No. 2, and Utah (Mountain West) is No. 11.

Rankman gets confused when he has to choose between a cookie and a brownie, but not when he has to choose between USC and Utah.

I don't know if USC could beat Utah, but does anyone really believe the Utes would stand zero chance against the Trojans? Sure, it would be a difficult battle for the Utes, but as Oregon State has proven this season and Stanford proved the year before, the Trojans are beatable. SC might have had an amazing run from 2003 to 2005, yet since their loss to Texas in the Rose Bowl, they have looked far more mortal than some people seem to believe. 

Even though a few people refuse to give Utah respect, it's good to know some actually do.