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Urban Meyer hinting at support for Utah in NC game?

Urban Meyer is a diplomat and we saw first hand here at Utah how he deflected any hypotheticals with ease. So it wasn't a surprise he gave a non-answer when asked whether or not Utah should be able to play for the national championship if they were to go undefeated over a one-loss SEC or Big 12 team. What might come as a surprise is when you actually read between the lines of his comments, because it does possibly shed some light on what Meyer actually believes and might be hinting at with his remarks.

Sure, I'm not the type of person who typically overanalyzes every comment made, but it was what Meyer did not say that, at least to me, spoke louder than what he did say. 

Meyer was asked the above question and responded with a laugh, knowing full well answering it would open a whole new can of worms. But even though Meyer didn't answer the question, he did throw out a hint when he said that he would plead the fifth because his answer would not be a popular one. Not popular for whom? Well, unless he knew he was playing to the Utah audience -- which is unlikely -- we can only assume he meant it would be an unpopular answer for the SEC faithful. Which, and this is where I might be overanalyzing things just a bit, shows that he probably believes an undefeated Utah team should play in the national championship over a one-loss SEC team. 

Meyer plays politics well, but he might have just let his true feelings slip here. Do you agree with him?