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Rocky Long, Utah DC?

Rocky Long might have resigned from New Mexico, however, he probably isn't done coaching yet. If Gary Andersen bolts for Utah State or Wyoming, which seems possible, what would you think of Kyle Whittingham bringing on Rocky Long as Utah's DC? It would mean a dramatic shift in the Utah defense philosophy, but I don't think anyone can deny how good his Lobo defenses have been over the years.

Also, rumor has it Long was offered the DC position at BYU, but turned them down. I don't know the validity of this rumor, but we all known the ties Long has to the Brigham Young program, as his father played for the Cougars, he was born in Provo and Bronco was the Lobos' defensive coordinator prior to taking over under Crowton in 2003.

Only time will tell and maybe Andersen sticks with f ah, but if he were to bolt, would you want Long as Utah's DC?