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2004 versus 2008

I'm not asking who would win, as that would probably be the 2004 team, but what season was more enjoyable?

For me, 2008 probably ranks higher than 2004, but it wasn't easy.

The reason I chose 2008 is because heading into the 2004 season, expectations were extremely high. Utah, even before a game was played, had already been pegged as the favorite to bust the BCS and once they easily dispatched of Texas A&M, it became clear this team would roll through its schedule. Every game was memorable, but mostly for the total beat down Utah would give each opponent. It ended, much like this season, with a clear and decisive victory over BYU. And though that moment was an amazing one, it didn't last very long. Only two days later, Notre Dame had fired Ty Willingham and Urban Meyer appeared to be on his way out of Salt Lake for the Irish, though he eventually went with Florida.

It was tough seeing Meyer leave, even though many of us expected it. Namely because he was the best coach to ever come through Utah and his short two-year stint was the best two years in program history. And every time there is change when you're at the top, there is some doubt. We didn't know what type of future Utah had post-Meyer, which put a damper not only on the weeks leading up to the Fiesta Bowl, but the moments shortly thereafter.

This year, it's different. Not only is there a good chance Kyle Whittingham returns, but the way Utah won was far more exciting and emotional than what we saw four years prior. The Oregon State, TCU and BYU victories were not only three of the most thrilling victories in Utah history, but two of the biggest. In 2004, there were big games, but it's hard to say they rival those three. Add in the fact it's even more likely Utah gets a tougher BCS opponent than their 2004 counterparts and I think 2008 will rank as a more enjoyable and gripping season than 2004.

Now obviously this season is not over yet and there is still one game left. But with what Utah accomplished this year, doing it when no one really expected it, it's tough to say this wasn't the most pleasing season in school history. Then again, it's also hard to diminish what the 2004 team really did, but that's what polls are for.

What do you think?