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If you've been reading Block U for a while, you know sometimes I let my emotions get the best of me. I'm not saying it's a good thing, but it happens and generally, I should probably have a cooling off period before I post. There have been some rare exceptions, like the 2006 and 2007 BYU games, as I hurt after the loss, but I didn't completely meltdown. 

The same couldn't be said for the day of September 22nd, 2007. That was the day the Utes were shut out at Nevada Las Vegas. I still believe it was one of the darkest days in Utah athletics history, but it's proven to an awesome spark to what has been an amazing ride. It also makes me look totally and utterly foolish. 

Here are the gems, which offers a great look back at just how bad it really was on that day. 

My most offensive post ever on Block U, truly embarrassing

Warning, I was angry, very angry and said some pretty stupid things. I won't re-post them, but yeah...

Slept on it, still angry!

This one was a bit better, as I had time to sleep on it and calm down a bit.

Is it over?

Yeah, I was convinced it was over and I even questioned Whittingham's coaching. Maybe at the time he still hadn't grown into the role, but I think he has now. After that loss, though, it looked very bleak for the future of Utah football. 

A gameplan anyone?

Yeah, more whining from yours truly. I was a very angry person that week.

So, your team sucks, what next?

Here I tried to inject humor into the situation, but it didn't really work out very well.

Then again, maybe it was this meeting that changed things? Hm...

Anyway, it's interesting to look back at it all and see how much things have changed. A year and a few months ago, many had already given up on Whittingham (myself included) and it appears we were wrong. To those who thought things would get better, well, hats off to you. I didn't.