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Looking at possible coaching changes in the coming weeks

Update: It does appear Andersen very well could be going to Utah State, so maybe you can already add one of these names to the list. 

The worst part of success is that everyone else wants a piece of it. We saw this first hand when Florida stole Urban Meyer from us and UNLV went after our offensive coordinator. When Whittingham took over officially after the Fiesta Bowl, things were pretty much a big mess. Players were leaving, coaches had left and the future of the program was in doubt. Which explains why Ute fans are currently awaiting news about future hires, because I don't think any of us want to relive the events following Urban Meyer's departure four years ago.

Not every coach is going to leave, but it's very likely some do. So let's look at the possibile changes for the 2009 season.

Kyle Whittingham

Whittingham's name has been thrown around quite a bit in Seattle as a replacement for Ty Willingham, who the Huskies fired a few weeks ago. While Washington is a BCS program, it's one in pretty bad shape and would most likely require the biggest rebuilding project in the country. Though I think Whittingham could eventually turn around a program like that, it's not going to be easy and will most likely take years. That's where things get tricky, because it could be four or five seasons before he even sniffs a winning record there. If that were the case, does Washington have the patience to keep him, even if fans are howling and does Whittingham risk it? I am not sure he does. That means, if I had to bet, I would say Washington is not Whittingham's next stop. 

Andy Ludwig

Ludwig is probably not going to land a head coaching job and I think he's just fine with that. However, becoming the offensive coordinator for a big time program is not out of the question. It's not clear what job he would take and it probably won't be until a few more hires are made. Since generally new coaches who are hired happen to be assistants, some solid programs are going to be in the market for them. That's where Ludwig comes in. 

Gary Andersen

Andersen is very likely to leave Utah for a head coaching gig one day. It might not happen this season, but it will come soon enough. I do not, however, see Andersen leaving to become a coordinator at another school, unless it's a major program like Florida or USC. Florida is probably a more likely option than the Trojans, since Urban Meyer is still connected to Whittingham & Utah, but outside of that, if he bolts, it's probably for the top spot. 

The thing is, right now, Andersen's best option is Utah State and that isn't a very good one. The Aggies are a mess and Andersen has to know going there will pretty much kill any future head coaching dreams if he fails. Of course, the success at a program like that could be used as a springboard to greater oppertunity at a more known school, but how likely is that?

Andersen very well could take the Aggies job, but I would lean toward him not taking it, holding out another year and maybe getting a better job at a more respectable non-BCS school. Andersen also probably has his eye on the Utah job if Whittingham leaves, so if he's open to the Aggies this time around, it could signal Whittingham is going to stay for at least another year.

Outside of the three major coaches on the team, position coaches are likely to change. I won't get into that because the list would be too long, but if there is going to be a turnover, it's most certainly going to come from there than at the top. So when will that happen? Well I guess we just have to sit back and wait.