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Utes lose in wild finish up in Logan

Mother BLEEP 

What a way to lose. 

I don't know what to say, other than I didn't expect a finish like that.

The Utes battled back from 11 points down, tied it and with 2.4 seconds left, nearly had a possible game-changing rebound, only to watch the ball fall off Luke Nevill's hands. On the next play, inbounding under the basket, the Aggies missed their shot and then followed it up with what appeared  to be a game-winner. 

Except the clock did not start.

No 2.4 seconds ticked off. 

No nothing. 

Should it have counted?

It's a judgment call, but in the end, the refs allowed it and the Utes lose by two, their second straight last-second loss to the Aggies in Logan.