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Frogs meet Broncos in Poinsettia Bowl tonight

If ever there was a statement game by the two biggest non-BCS conferences, this is it. In what many are calling a BCS worthy bowl, the Boise State Broncos take on the TCU Horned Frogs tonight at six on ESPN.

For Boise State, who is 12-0 and once again snubbed from the BCS because of Utah, it offers them a chance to prove their standing. A victory over TCU goes along way toward making the case they deserved a shot at the BCS. A loss and all that talk amounts to nothing more than just hype. 

Not as much is on the line for the Frogs, who were eliminated from BCS contention after their loss to Utah last month. However, it is still an important game, since they will be carrying the Mountain West banner and there is huge momentum to be gained from a game like this. 

So what should we expect tonight? Well the Broncos aren't nearly as explosive on offense as they were two seasons ago when they stunned Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl. Sure, they have the ability and weapons to burn up the scoreboard, but this has generally been a defensive first team. The same can be said for TCU, as well, since the Frogs have one of the best defenses in the country. That tells me this will be a fairly low scoring game and I've got to think that favors the Frogs, but we'll see. 

With all that said, who do you think wins tonight and  by what? 

I'll say TCU by ten, 20-10.