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Live Blogging the Mountain West Conference Awards

At the top of the hour, they'll be announcing the Mountain West Conference awards, so I'm going live here to discuss the results for those who don't have the mtn. So keep your eye here for the latest.

1:58: Not sure what to expect out of these awards. The All-Conference team will be interesting to see, as it should be a race between Hall & Johnson at the QB slot. 

1:59: Great moments in MWC History showing the history of the Pit. Definitely one of the most historical stadiums in the Mountain West.

2:00: Ok, here we go. About to begin. Excited? I am.

2:01: They're discussing how the teams are selected through the 9 coaches, 2 media members in each markets and there you go. 

2:02: Brian Johnson Offensive Player of the Year. Congrats, Johnson!

2:03: Johnson being interviewed now, talking about the awesome season and how the team progressed from being just ok in the first half to great in the second. Said the defining moment of the season was the Oregon State game because of the fact he wasn't playing well and how they found a way to score 11 points in 90 seconds to get the victory and keep the undefeated season alive. Showed the true character of the team and how they battled. Johnson also said the 2 minute offense was successful because he was comfortable running it and felt the senior leadership on offense helped run it well, esp ecially when they sped up the pace. He said the season was far more harder than in 2004 because of the close games and the tough times made it so special.

2:04: Kyle Whittingham named Coach of the Year. No shock there.

2:05: Whittingham says it's the most enjoyable season of his 25 year coaching career. Loves his staff and players, enjoyable to be around. Said Johnson has been the team leader this year and set the pace, couldn't be more proud of what he has accomplished. Talked about how he struggled at the first part of the season, but how he played his best football when it counted most, in the second half of the season. Says he's deserving of the award. Whittingham said the goal was to win the Mountain West at the beginning of the season and felt anything else would be icing on the cake.

2:06:  A break. After the commercial, Defensive Player of the Year will be announced.

2:08: All-Conference team announced, I only caught Johnson at QB, I'm sure they'll list it on the site later, though.

2:09: Freshman of the Year, Tim Jefferson of Air Force. Not a surprise there. 

2:10: Interview with Jefferson, he seems humbled by it, thanking his team more than anything. Said the award was not his goal, but added to the season. Also said it was difficult being a freshman quarterback, how it was scary to lead the 22 or 23 year olds on the field, since he was only 19. Feels he answered the challenge well. 

2:11: Jerry Hughes named Defensive Player of the Year.

2:12: Hughes said his goal this season was to do his job. Nice. 

2:14: Louie Sakoda named Special Teams Player of the Year. That's a shocker. Not.

2:15: Sakoda's goal was to help the team any way possible this season, but also to leave a legacy at the school. He definitely has. Had no idea his career would be this successful, as he had an average year his first season.

2:16: There you go. Todd Christensen up after the break to discuss the awards, but does anyone really care what he thinks?

I'll have the all-conference team ready when they put it on the site and I'll throw it up here.