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Two step forward, five million steps back: Utah loses to Idaho State


I really thought I had this team figured out. It looked like things had finally turned a corner and that maybe the loss to Southwest Baptist would prove to be just a minor fluke. Utah had won five straight, including strong victories over Ole Miss and Oregon, while also defeating a solid Missouri State program on the road. 

Then they ran into the mighty Idaho State Bengals from the all powerful Big Sky Conference and lose 72-68. Yes, Utah loses to Idaho Freaking State, the same program the Utes easily walked all over a year ago in Salt Lake and prior to the game sat at a pathetic 1-5. 

Honestly, I don't know what the problem is with this program. Talent shouldn't be the issue in a game like this, because Utah, no matter at what stage of rebuilding, should put more talent on the basketball court than Idaho State. Hell, if talent were an issue, there wouldn't be victories over an SEC and Pac Ten team. So it goes far beyond the level of talent here. 

What that is, I do not know. I tried to figure it out after the Southwest Baptist game, only to watch Utah run off five straight and I'm trying to figure it out now. But I can't find any justification to lose a game like this. Maybe you can and if you can, please let me know, because right now I'm drawing a big blank.

Final - 12.6.2008 1 2 Total
Utah Running Utes 34 34 68
Idaho St. Bengals 45 27 72

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