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Live Blogging the BCS Selection Show

Well less than ten minutes now before the selection. Odds are Utah will be playing Alabama in the Sugar Bowl, but you never know. 

I'll admit, this is like Christmas for me, I'm very excited right now. 

If you're still not sure where to find the BCS Selection Show, it's on FOX at 6:00 MST, so roughly six minutes from the time I've posted this.

Oooh, looks like they're starting early! 

6:18: Ok, no more live blogging. If you're in the Salt Lake area, FOX 13 will have a special after the bowl special with the players and coaches, so check it out!

6:17: All this talk about Texas deserving a shot at the championship and no mention THEY LOST. I don't feel sorry for Texas or any one-loss team left out of the title picture.

6:15: Wow, they totally ignored commenting on the Sugar Bowl. Yeesh. Stupid FOX. I really, really hate FOX.

6:15: Texas will play Ohio State, which means Oklahoma and Florida will be playing for the national championship.

6:15: Ohio State to the Fiesta, sorry Boise State.

6:14: Ute highlights. Utes will face Alabama.

6:13: Back, finally. Utah going to the Sugar Bowl.

6:12: Way too many damn commercials. This is boring.

6:10: I don't like FOX. More commercials.

6:09: We're back. Pontiac Game Changing Performance of the Year up. No Utah highlights.

6:06: Another break. Too many commercial breaks, but I guess they have to fill a half hour.

6:04: Does anyone really want to watch the Orange Bowl this year? It might be the worst BCS bowl match-up in history.

6:03: Cincy fans chanting BCS. What a joke, they almost lose to Hawaii and they're going to the Orange Bowl to take on Virginia Tech. Pathetic.

6:02: Commercial break. Go to the bathroom if you need to.

6:01: Discussing Joe Paterno and how great he is. Now how great USC's defense is. Penn State has a chance Barry Switzer says...well, yeah.

6:00: Rose Bowl is between Penn State and USC, not a surprise at all. 

5:57: Now talking about how the bowls are chosen and a live shot of Cincinnati campus, as well as Florida's campus. Now talking about Utah and Boise State! Jimmy Johnson talking about non-BCS teams playing for the national champion and Barry Switzer, the snake that he is, saying non-BCS teams should not play for the NC game. Lame. 

5:57: Talking about one-loss teams now, no mention of the fact Utah is undefeated. It's all about Texas, Oklahoma and Florida. Hello, if they had gone undefeated, like Utah, they wouldn't be in this position!

5:56: Here we go! I see Gator cheerleaders. Now Sooner  fans. Cincy fans, too, along with Trojan fans. No Utes. Boo.

5:54: Utah and Boise State getting some air time. 

Now they're recapping the BCS conferences and talking about Utah & Boise State as well, just showed Boise State's hook and lateral in the Fiesta few years ago.