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What they're saying

One good thing about being in a BCS bowl is that generally a lot of people have a lot of things to say about the game. I've found some of the best comments and thought I'd post 'em. 

Utes biggest underdogs in BCS games (Salt Lake Tribune):

Two things happened virtually simultaneously. The Utes were selected to play Alabama in the Sugar Bowl and they became the biggest underdogs in the BCS games.Utah (12-0) is a 10.5-point underdog to the Tide (12-1) in their Jan. 2 bowl, getting only slightly better odds than Ohio State is getting in its Fiesta Bowl matchup with Texas and Penn State is getting in its Rose Bowl matchup with USC.

Only a Utes win can justify non-BCS teams (Salt Lake Tribune):

It's not enough for Utah, or any strong non-BCS outfit, to beat moderate or bad teams from good leagues, or even to beat good teams inside its own league. It must beat good teams from good leagues on the rare occasions that opportunity arises for the current perception to change.

And if the Utes don't do that, they will be put straight back on the shelf, along with all the guilty by association, patted right back on the head, scootched right back in the britches and sent on their way as a nice little program that doesn't belong among the best of the best.

Johnson: "We'll definitely show up and be ready to play." (

"Yeah... I don't think it's even close in comparing the two teams [Hawaii & Utah]," Johnson said, adamantly. "I think we have an excellent defense, the numbers speak for themselves. We've beaten three ranked teams this year, I think we're more than deserving of being there and we'll definitely show up and be ready to play on Jan. 2."

Utah not worthy of playing Alabama (FOX Sports):

A Sugar Bowl with Alabama and Utah? Nothing against Utah, but Texas and USC are ranked higher. And by the way, it's not the rating system that's corrupt. It's the bowl system. Computers aren't dishonest. They don't have agendas, and the worst of them is less fallible than the expense-account hacks and chamber of commerce types who run these bowls.

Five must-see college bowl games (Bleacher Report):

2. SUGAR BOWL—Jan. 2, 8 p.m.; FOX—No. 6 UTAH vs. No. 4 ALABAMA

The Utes will seek to accomplish the amazing feat of an undefeated season. But their foe is Alabama, who held the No. 1 ranking for five straight weeks before being knocked off by Florida in the SEC title game. Look for high scoring.

Utes bear strong resemblance to Florida Gators (Tuscaloosa News):

Kyle Whittingham didn't have to look far for a scouting report on the University of Alabama. The head coach of the Utah Utes turned to his former boss, Florida coach Urban Meyer, almost as soon as seventh-ranked Utah was selected to play the Crimson Tide in the Sugar Bowl.

I'm sure in the coming days more articles will be posted and I hope to get as much thrown up as possible.